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Welcome to Montgomery City Public Library

Montgomery City Public Library

224 North Allen Street

Montgomery City, MO  63361


To reach the Montgomery City Public Library by e-mail contact Gaylee Harris at


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Library Mission Statement



Montgomery City Public Library seeks to create an environment for lifelong learning and personal growth to meet the needs of our diverse community.



  • Community (We respond to community needs and support the free exchange of diverse ideas to strengthen our community and to stimulate personal growth.)
  • Future-Focused (We respond appropriately to emerging practices and technology in library and information sciences and anticipate change in our community and environment.)
  • Integrity (We are committed to transparency, accountability, and treating our patrons, staff, and diverse community members with respect and courtesy.)
  • Intellectual Freedom (We uphold the right to privacy, confidentiality, and the right to seek, access, and express diverse points of view.)
  • Collaboration (We cultivate relationships with local organizations and businesses and with individuals to actively participate in the growth and development of our community.)



Montgomery City Public Library’s vision is to:

  • Provide valuable patron service by motivated, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.
  • Connect with the needs of a growing and diverse community.
  • Develop strong community ties through literacy, programming, and activities.
  • Offer instruction and access to evolving technology.
  • Exhibit fiscal responsibility and community awareness


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